Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Questions during Discovery Time- igniting problem solvers, inventors and reflectors

The roles of the teacher during Discovery Time 
A facilitator who:
-          Provides a safe, secure environment so that children know that they can take risks.
-          Organises the environment so that children can access equipment and work independently.
-          Sets up situations where learning can happen.
-          Establishes rules and boundaries for listening and speaking, so that children feel safe.
-          Helps children to extend their thinking.
-          Supports children to take responsibility for their own learning.

A prompter of ideas, who asks open-ended questions such as:
How can you solve that problem?
How do you think you might do that?
What do you need?
Who do you think could help you with that?
Where could you find an answer to that?
What do you think might happen if…?
Tell me about what you’ve done?
Is there another way you could do that?
What have you learned?

An observer and listener who:
-Notices successes
-notices strengths and weaknesses
-recognises the students’ different personalities
-observes different interactions
-gathers information for meeting specific individual needs

A participator who:
-          Joins in as one of the students rather than as the teacher (parallel play, descriptive commenting)
-          Models specific behaviour that is being targeted, for example, taking turns, sharing.
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-What would have made it better?              What did you learn from this?
-What could you have done differently?
-How else could you have done it?             What is your next step?
-What would happen if you had…?
-What were some of the problems?          Can you explain what happened and why?
-Have you tested that?
-How many ways can you…?
-Can you think of a solution?
-Is there a connection between…?

-What do you think might happen?
-Which is the hard bit?
-What else do you know that works like that?
-Who can help you?
-What will you need to change?
-Is there another way of doing that?
-What made you do it that way?

-          How could you show what happened?
-          Could you show that in a different way?
-          Could you get a photo of that?
-          Could you record what they said?
-          Are there any instructions to help you?
-          What are you going to use to record your information/ results?
-          Could you use a device to help you explain what you have done?
-          What else do you need?
-What plan have you got?
-Have you thought about the resources you will need?
-What challenges have you had?
-What bit did you find hard?
-Do you remember when we…
-What was the idea that got you started?
-How did you improve your first idea?
-Who could you ask for help?
-Where/How could you find out more about that?
-Have you made sure that everyone has been able to share their ideas?
-Tell me how you worked together on that?
-How did you sort out that problem (argument)?
-Did someone else have a different idea?
-How did you decide which ideas to try?
-          Another way of looking at that might be…
-          How would you do that in your family?
-          Show me how you do it
-          How do you think other cultures might do that?
-          What would our hub/school look like if…?
-          Who do we know who could help us with this?
-          How could we let more people know about your ideas?
-          Who can we contact about this?