Monday, 1 June 2015

Making Gloop

Goop. Ooblek. Slime. Whatever you like to call it, the classic corn flour and water experiment is one of those activities that never gets old. We’ve been making this for three years now and R (who’s now 5) still loves it. The wonderful gloopy, sloppy mess that appears to be a liquid and a solid at the same time is both a playful science lesson and a really fun sensory activity.
Cornflour and water recipe


Gloop is one of the easiest play recipes to make – all you need is corn flour (corn starch) and water. . We simply pour a box of cornflour into a tub and then keep adding water until it all mixes together into a soup-like consistency. We also added a little liquid food colouring to ours but that’s optional, white gloop is just as fun and messy! We quickly learnt to put our class tarp down or make this an outside activity.
Recipe for goop
R enjoys the process of mixing the corn flour and water together just as much as he enjoys the final product. As soon as his hands hit the corn flour he’s laughing and saying how much he loves the way it feels.

Cornflour and water sensory play
So what’s so special about gloop? Well, that’s where the playful science comes in.  Run your fingers through the gloop and it feels like a liquid, scoop some into your hand and you can roll it into a ball like play dough, but stop putting pressure on it and it just runs through your fingers like a liquid again.
Sensory play with goop
Why does the gloop behave this way? Well, it’s a dilatant material which basically means that it is a substance that will change its properties in reaction to external stimuli. 
Goop through a slotted spoon
The gloop is fun enough to play with on its own. Just seeing it run through your fingers is wonderful . Adding a couple of items for scooping or pouring is also fun. 


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